Saturday, July 30, 2011

Armed robbery at a cash and carry store - Sunbury

 Again, we see the law leaving vulnerable store owners defenseless against violent armed criminals.

Surrey Police
DETECTIVES in Spelthorne are appealing for witnesses following an armed robbery at a business premises in Sunbury-on-Thames. The incident took place between 4.37pm and 4.45pm on Saturday 23, July at the Booker Cash and Carry store in Windmill Road. Shortly after 4.30pm a blue Renault Laguna entered the car park of the store and three masked men got out of the vehicle and approached the store.
The suspects then smashed the glass section in a door to gain entry to the premises and once inside began threatening and assaulting three members of staff. The offenders, who were armed with items including a metal bars, hammers and machetes, then forced the victims to hand over a quantity of cash from the safe. The suspects loaded the stolen items into a blue bin taken from the address and made off from the store at high speed in the blue Laguna.
The victims sustained injuries to their arms and heads as a result of the attack. The suspects are described as four men, all wearing dark clothing and balaclavas.
Here's a video from Turkey where a store owner protects himself and others from a knife wielding attacker. Had he of not been armed, he probably would have been killed. In the UK, the store owner would have been jailed for five years for possessing the gun alone.

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