Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The defenceless are easy victims

It's widely accepted that the mere sight of a firearm raised in defence is enough to have any mugger fleeing. Thanks to forced disarming of law-abiding citizens by the government, we continue to see criminals go about their business with ease in Surrey and across the UK..

19 year old man robbed in Ashford

"POLICE in Spelthorne are appealing for witnesses after a 19-year-old man was targeted during a recent robbery in Ashford.
The incident took place on the B377 Feltham Road, close to the junction with Chattern Road, at around 10.20pm on Saturday, 10 March."

Man robbed and assaulted in Ashford

"DETECTIVES in Spelthorne are appealing for witnesses following a robbery in Ashford where the offenders assaulted a man in his fifties and stole a substantial sum of money."

(Epsom) Dogs set upon man in racist attack

"A Sutton man has been sentenced to eight months imprisonment after pleading guilty to a racially motivated attack in Epsom in which he set his dog on the victim."

Knife point robbery in Woking 

 "Detectives in Woking are appealing for witnesses after a man was robbed of his wallet and phone at knifepoint in the Goldsworth Park area of the town. The 27-year-old victim was walking along an alleyway off Cobbetts Close shortly after 9.30pm on Wednesday (29 February) when his path was blocked by two men. One of the men demanded money off the victim and pulled out a lock knife. The victim threw his wallet and mobile phone on the floor before running off in the direction of Woking town centre."
"DETECTIVES in Elmbridge have released an e-fit image of a man they would like to speak to in connection with a sexual exposure incident in Walton-on-Thames last week. The incident took place in Hersham Road between 9.30pm and 9.45pm on Monday, 20 February. The victim, a 24-year-old woman from Walton-on-Thames, was walking from Bridge Street into the High Street, which then becomes Hersham Road. As the victim walked past a kebab shop she became aware of a man following close behind her. The man then attempted to grab the victim’s shoulder but she quickly moved away from him and got into her parked car before locking the doors.
"DETECTIVES in Spelthorne are appealing for witnesses after a man in his sixties suffered head and spinal injuries following a serious assault in Ashford."
"Detectives in Guildford are appealing for members of the public to come forward with any information they may have following a robbery at the Friary bus station in Guildford in which a laptop was stolen."
Man robbed in Redhill, cash stolen
"The incident took place around 11.10pm on Wednesday, 15 February, as the man walked along Fairfax Avenue. As the man walked along the street he noticed two men standing on the path near to the right-hand bend, he walked passed but one of the men caught up with him and grabbed him by the shoulder. The suspect then took a sum of money from the victim’s pocket before both men walked away."
"Detectives at Surrey Police have launched a murder investigation following the discovery of the body of a man, believed to be in his sixties, at a house in Epsom."
17 year old stabbed in wrist by gang in Redhill

"Surrey Police is appealing for witnesses after a 17-year-old boy was assaulted in Redhill. The incident took place around 7.15pm on Wednesday, 15 February as the boy walked along Ladbroke Road with two other friends. The victim and his friends were then approached by a group of around ten other young people before being stabbed in the wrist by what officers believe was a knife."
Man robbed in Camberley

"Surrey Police is appealing for witnesses following a robbery in a railway underpass in Camberley on Monday (13 February). The 50-year-old victim was walking along Park Street at around 6pm when he was approached from behind by four men. One of the men grabbed hold of him while the others searched his pockets, taking his wallet. The four men then ran off, three in the Gordon Road direction and one towards the town centre."
Group of around ten youths attack women and her children in Tandridge

"Surrey Police is appealing for information after a woman and two men were attacked in adverse weather conditions at the weekend. The incident took place around 4.30pm on Sunday, 5 February while the victims were attempting to turn round a car near to the common ground on Vicarage Road, Lingfield."
Knifepoint robbery in Chertsey

"RUNNYMEDE police are appealing for witnesses after an offender made off with a significant amount of cash during a knifepoint robbery in Chertsey."
Man robbed and injured in Leatherhead

"Surrey Police is appealing for information after a man in his 20s was robbed in Leatherhead. The incident took place around 8.15pm on Saturday, 21 January when the man was walking along a footpath between Waterway Road and Emlyn Lane. Three men approached the victim, threatened and then attacked him, taking his wallet, silver Samsung mobile phone and passport. The victim suffered cuts and bruises to the face during the attack and was treated near to the scene by ambulance crews before been taken to hospital for treatment."
Attacks such as these cannot be prevented by more laws and more police officers. Only by allowing people to have the ability to defend against such attacks, through for example a licence to carry a suitable personal defence weapon, would see a drop in violent crime rates.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't mess with korean-American store owners in a riot

*********** Please send this as an email to all of your friend's & family ************

As hoards of rioters lay waste to homes and businesses across parts of London, are the emergency services really adequate enough to deal with such a situation?

The images below are from the 1992 L.A riots, which resulted in hundreds of businesses being looted of their property and as many as 53 people killed. Fortunately, some business owners were able to keep the rioters at bay - by being armed. 

The Korean American community, seeing the police force's abandonment of Koretown, organized armed security teams composed of store workers, who defended their livelihoods from assault by the mobs.

Despite some of the strictest weapon and anti-self defence laws in the world, armed violence seems to be a routine, daily occurrence here in the UK, with criminals having no problems acquiring and using all types of weapons, including firearms.

The law-abiding, on the other hand, are utterly defenceless.

With this in mind, three petitions have now been launched.

The first of these petitions calls for the strengthening of UK self-defence laws, the second relates to UK firearms legislation and the third is to repeal all laws against the sale, possession and carrying of non lethal weapons.

Please read these petitions and sign the ones that you agree with and notify other people by email or by posting this message on as many websites, blogs and forums as possible.

The petitions can be read and signed via the link below:

Please forward this email to as many people as possible.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Armed robbery at a cash and carry store - Sunbury

 Again, we see the law leaving vulnerable store owners defenseless against violent armed criminals.

Surrey Police
DETECTIVES in Spelthorne are appealing for witnesses following an armed robbery at a business premises in Sunbury-on-Thames. The incident took place between 4.37pm and 4.45pm on Saturday 23, July at the Booker Cash and Carry store in Windmill Road. Shortly after 4.30pm a blue Renault Laguna entered the car park of the store and three masked men got out of the vehicle and approached the store.
The suspects then smashed the glass section in a door to gain entry to the premises and once inside began threatening and assaulting three members of staff. The offenders, who were armed with items including a metal bars, hammers and machetes, then forced the victims to hand over a quantity of cash from the safe. The suspects loaded the stolen items into a blue bin taken from the address and made off from the store at high speed in the blue Laguna.
The victims sustained injuries to their arms and heads as a result of the attack. The suspects are described as four men, all wearing dark clothing and balaclavas.
Here's a video from Turkey where a store owner protects himself and others from a knife wielding attacker. Had he of not been armed, he probably would have been killed. In the UK, the store owner would have been jailed for five years for possessing the gun alone.

Taxi Driver convicted of rape (West Byfleet)

The story below highlights why women especially should be encouraged to carry defensive weapons:

Surrey Police
A taxi driver who attacked a young woman as she walked home from a night out has been found guilty of rape.
Masood Ahmed, 26, of Seaforth Avenue, New Malden, was arrested just hours after police received a report that an 18-year-old woman had been found in distress on Parvis Road in West Byfleet in the early hours of Friday 13 August 2010. The victim had been out with friends in Woking town centre on the evening of Thursday 12 August. At around 1am she returned to a friend’s address in West Byfleet but later decided to leave and make her way home.
She was walking along the A245 Parvis Road towards Weybridge when she was approached by Ahmed from behind. He grabbed her wrists and forced her into woodland at the side of the road where he put his hands around her throat and threatened to kill her if she did not do as she was told. At one stage he also produced a small pocket knife.
The victim was then subjected to a serious sexual assault and raped.
During the sustained attack Ahmed threatened to kill her if she tried to escape. At one stage he sent several text messages from his mobile phone.

Had she of produced a firearm or even proceeded to use pepper spray against him, she would have been able to escape from such a terrible situation. Unfortunately by doing so at the present time she would have been convicted of a serious offence herself.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hindhead petrol station robbed at gunpoint

Another incident of armed criminals going about their business, unhampered by firearms legislation that prevents our Olympic pistol team from training.

The cashier of a Hindhead petrol station was threatened at gunpoint during a robbery by two masked men.
The robbery took place at 2230 BST on Saturday at the Total petrol station in Portsmouth Road.
The men left on foot with the contents of the till and two packets of cigarettes which had a total value of about £90.
They were about 5ft 2in tall. One was wearing a grey hooded top, dark trousers, gloves and a mask.
The other was wearing a dark hooded top, blue trousers, a black balaclava and had a black carrier bag.
Surrey Police are appealing for witnesses to the robbery.

Here's a similar incident from the US, but this time a young armed robber is subdued by a women and her pistol.

Robber gets shot by clerk

Women robbed at gunpoint in Farcombe

A 36 year old women was robbed at gunpoint by a white male in his 20s while walking home in Farcombe on July 11. The value of the items stolen is estimated to be £200.

While most shootings are reserved for gang disputes in major UK cities, the use of firearms by criminals is still very much present nationwide, unhampered by legislation against law-abiding sportsman and hobbyists.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Man in his 30s robbed in Stanwell

A man in his 30s was struck in the face with wooden pole and robbed of goods he was carrying while walking with his son in Stanwell. Police are appealing for witnesses - while of course they go about their day harassing people who decide to arm themselves in defence of such crimes.

Had the two robbers have been faced with the muzzle of a handgun in return, it's likely this man would have been able to have subdued both perpetrators and had his property promptly dropped to the floor.

Sadly, the rabid collectivist mindset plaguing this country does not approve of such things.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Man's nose bitten off by attacker in Camberley

A man in his 30s had part of his nose bitten off in an unprovoked attack by three men between 10.45pm and 11pm on July the 9th in Camberley.

This incident highlights the reason people should be allowed to carry weapons with which to defend themselves. The victim was outnumbered, an often seen trait of such attacks, and was left unassisted by police officers who cannot possibly respond to crimes as they occur. The victims of such crimes are thus left to fight bare handed, at the mercy of violent attackers who arm themselves regardless of the law.

In many cases handing over your belongings will not stop an attacker or group of attackers from seriously harming you. In such situations you are left to attempt to defend yourself, unarmed.

Surrey Police are appealing for witnesses - which, unfortunately is all the police practically can do after such incidents occur.

Even a CS gas pistol, sold over the counter in France would have offered a chance for the victim to escape. Unfortunately these are not allowed to be owned in the UK.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Muggings in Staines and Ashford

Two incidents reported to the police are detailed below. All too often incidents such as these go unreported thus, significantly down-scaling the already high official statistics.

Police appeal for witnesses after a 19-year-old man is robbed in Ashford


DETECTIVES in Spelthorne are appealing for witnesses and information after a 19-year-old man was robbed in Ashford last week. The incident took place near the hut and tennis courts in Ashford Park, which is off Clockhouse Lane, between 7.50pm and 8pm on Thursday, 16 June. The victim, who is from Bedfont, was walking through the park with a friend when they were approached by the two suspects. The suspects threatened to attack the victim with a knife, although no weapon was seen during the incident, and also pushed the victim’s friend to the floor.

DETECTIVES in Spelthorne are appealing for witnesses after a 23-year-old man was the victim of a robbery in Staines last week.
The incident took place at the junction of the A30 London Road and the Crooked Billet roundabout between 4.55pm and 5.12pm on Tuesday 10 May.
The victim, who is from south east London, was walking towards the train station when he was confronted by a group of three suspects who pushed and threatened him.
The suspects then surrounded the victim and punched him several times in the face, causing the victim to fall to the ground.
While the suspect was lying on the floor the suspects stole the two shoulder bags he was carrying, which contained a laptop valued at around £300 and a substantial amount of cash, and left the area on foot.

If you are concerned about violent crime in your area, please send a letter or email your MP requesting that the Offensive Weapons and Firearms laws be amended to allow the carry of items for self-defence.

Template letters and contact information for your local MP

Man's jaw broken in random act of violence

A man near Cambridge Hotel in Horley was punched twice in the face, resulting in a broken jaw. This is an all too common occurrence all over the UK, with little a victim can do if at a physical disadvantage. Legislation needs to be repealed or amended to allow victims the tools needed to defend and deter against such unprovoked violent attacks.

Surrey Police
Surrey Police is appealing for information after a man had his jaw broken following an assault near The Cambridge Hotel, Horley, yesterday evening.
The assault happened shortly after 6pm, on Wednesday, 22 June, on the A23, Bonehurst Road as the 24-year-old was walking alone.
He was approached from behind by a man who punched him in the right side of his face and as the victim turned around he was struck again on his chin resulting in a broken jaw.

It is impossible for the police to defend you or prevent attacks such as these. Having the right to arm yourself respected in law gives a person the ability to defend at a higher or level degree as the force they are being met with.Currently criminals are ensured to have the upper hand.

Man in Epsom stabbed

A man remains in hospital after being found with knife injuries in Epsom.

Your Local Gaurdian
A 36-year-old man who arrived at Epsom Hospital on Monday with mysterious knife injuries remains in hospital as police continue their investigations.
The man arrived at Epsom General Hospital in a silver Vauxhall Astra at approximately 10pm on June 27.
It is not known how the wound on his left forearm was caused.
Officers have been reviewing CCTV footage from the area and carrying out forensic investigations after blood was found in Dorking Road They have also been making enquiries near to the Queen’s Head pub, South Street, Epsom, after a witness reported hearing a disturbance at 9.40pm.
An attack with a knife cannot be defended against adequately by a law-abiding citizen in the UK. Even in France, self-defence pistols firing non-lethal rubber ammunition can be carried and would certainly help to prevent incidents like these occurring.

Teenager robbed by four men

As reported, a heavily outnumbered teenager was confronted by a group of four men in Thames Ditton, one of which threatened him with a metal bar. The men involved clearly do not care about the Prevention of Crime Act, and arm themselves in public regardless. The law-abiding person, who may need to defend himself is the only one disadvantaged by the law in this situation.

Elmbridge Today

 A 15-year-old boy was threatened with a metal pole during a robbery in Thames Ditton last week.

Surrey Police said that the incident occurred in Sugden Road at around 12.15am last Friday (April 15).

The teenage victim, from Surbiton, was walking home when he was approached by the first suspect, who asked him for the time.

While the victim was answering three further suspects approached him and one of the group was carrying a metal pole.

The group of suspects then threatened the victim, who handed over a number of items including a black Sony Ericsson mobile phone, an iPod and a wallet containing various bank cards.

Last year in Forest Groove, Oregon, a 55 year old man was able to scare away 3 muggers by discharging his handgun which he had a permit to carry. If he had carried any type of weapon for self-defence in the UK he would be guilty of breaking various Acts of parliament and would likely be charged with a more serious offence than the muggers themselves.