Monday, July 11, 2011

Man's jaw broken in random act of violence

A man near Cambridge Hotel in Horley was punched twice in the face, resulting in a broken jaw. This is an all too common occurrence all over the UK, with little a victim can do if at a physical disadvantage. Legislation needs to be repealed or amended to allow victims the tools needed to defend and deter against such unprovoked violent attacks.

Surrey Police
Surrey Police is appealing for information after a man had his jaw broken following an assault near The Cambridge Hotel, Horley, yesterday evening.
The assault happened shortly after 6pm, on Wednesday, 22 June, on the A23, Bonehurst Road as the 24-year-old was walking alone.
He was approached from behind by a man who punched him in the right side of his face and as the victim turned around he was struck again on his chin resulting in a broken jaw.

It is impossible for the police to defend you or prevent attacks such as these. Having the right to arm yourself respected in law gives a person the ability to defend at a higher or level degree as the force they are being met with.Currently criminals are ensured to have the upper hand.

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