Monday, July 11, 2011

Teenager robbed by four men

As reported, a heavily outnumbered teenager was confronted by a group of four men in Thames Ditton, one of which threatened him with a metal bar. The men involved clearly do not care about the Prevention of Crime Act, and arm themselves in public regardless. The law-abiding person, who may need to defend himself is the only one disadvantaged by the law in this situation.

Elmbridge Today

 A 15-year-old boy was threatened with a metal pole during a robbery in Thames Ditton last week.

Surrey Police said that the incident occurred in Sugden Road at around 12.15am last Friday (April 15).

The teenage victim, from Surbiton, was walking home when he was approached by the first suspect, who asked him for the time.

While the victim was answering three further suspects approached him and one of the group was carrying a metal pole.

The group of suspects then threatened the victim, who handed over a number of items including a black Sony Ericsson mobile phone, an iPod and a wallet containing various bank cards.

Last year in Forest Groove, Oregon, a 55 year old man was able to scare away 3 muggers by discharging his handgun which he had a permit to carry. If he had carried any type of weapon for self-defence in the UK he would be guilty of breaking various Acts of parliament and would likely be charged with a more serious offence than the muggers themselves.

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