Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't mess with korean-American store owners in a riot

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As hoards of rioters lay waste to homes and businesses across parts of London, are the emergency services really adequate enough to deal with such a situation?

The images below are from the 1992 L.A riots, which resulted in hundreds of businesses being looted of their property and as many as 53 people killed. Fortunately, some business owners were able to keep the rioters at bay - by being armed. 

The Korean American community, seeing the police force's abandonment of Koretown, organized armed security teams composed of store workers, who defended their livelihoods from assault by the mobs.

Despite some of the strictest weapon and anti-self defence laws in the world, armed violence seems to be a routine, daily occurrence here in the UK, with criminals having no problems acquiring and using all types of weapons, including firearms.

The law-abiding, on the other hand, are utterly defenceless.

With this in mind, three petitions have now been launched.

The first of these petitions calls for the strengthening of UK self-defence laws, the second relates to UK firearms legislation and the third is to repeal all laws against the sale, possession and carrying of non lethal weapons.

Please read these petitions and sign the ones that you agree with and notify other people by email or by posting this message on as many websites, blogs and forums as possible.

The petitions can be read and signed via the link below:


Please forward this email to as many people as possible.

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